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Leadership Insights #18: Clearing the Fog: Navigating Emotions for Better Listening and Communication

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

My journey toward mastering difficult conversations and active listening experienced a shift several years ago during a crucial exchange with a peer who was not only a mentor but also a friend. His feedback on a decision I had impulsively made, driven more by emotion than logic, was meant to be constructive. Yet, my emotional response clouded not just my judgment, but also impaired my listening ability. This incident underscored the vital importance of balancing emotional instincts with the ability to actively listen and consider others’ viewpoints.

During this intense conversation, my emotions flared, muting the actual words and the inherent support and concern in his message. My defensive stance not only obstructed the potential growth from his feedback, but also underscored a significant flaw in my communication skills: the lack of active listening. This insistent was a wake-up call, revealing that my emotional reactions were barriers not only to effective decision-making but also to understanding and being understood.

-Erin Robison,
Owner/Founder TruPotential Group

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Active Listening Tips During Highly Emotional States - Can you recognize when your emotions are overpowering your ability to listen? Here are four tips that can help you manage your emotions honestly and move to a position of active listening in order to understand others better.

Happy Hour Mixer + Mini Workshop on How to Navigate Difficult Conversations - Join us on Wednesday, February 28th at the AC Hotel in Frisco, CO from 5:30-6:30 to mix and mingle and learn how to identify your conflict style and how it affects others; what is at the root of each type of conflict so you can get to the real issue; effective lines to initiate the difficult conversation and respectfully diffuse heightened emotions. (Don't live in Colorado? Not to worry, reach out to schedule a full workshop for you or your team!)

Happy Hour in Boston? - Please join me, along with special guest Page Fehling, to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and foster new professional relationships. Tuesday, March 5th at Boston Moxie's Seaport Restaurant from 5:30-7:30 PM.

2 Leadership Resources From Others

Emotional Agility by Susan David: David’s insights have empowered me to leverage my emotions as a strength rather than a setback.

HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict by Harvard Business Review: A foundational resource for conflict navigation skills

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Another TruPotential Coaching Client Takes Home the Gold!

Congratulations to Riley Cross and Team USA for taking home the gold at Concacaf they are off to the World Cup! If you have a student elite athlete interested in College Interviewing 1:1 Class, reach out here! We'd love to help!

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