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Leadership Insights #10: Invest in Yourself: It's the best investment you can make

Published 6 months ago • 4 min read

Hello Leaders,

Is it easy for you to prioritize investing in yourself?

We had many conversations this week with executives who have shared about people problems within their companies. We really wish we had a magic wand that would just make all their problems disappear...but alas, no such wand exists.

Clarity came for several leaders when we shared about the power of investing in ourselves. As leaders, our role has the highest impact on the performance of our teams. How are we seeking to grow? What are we doing that is costing us in time, money, and energy that we expect to reap a reward for our investment?

If you are already investing in yourself as a leader, then the next thing to consider is, "How are you investing in your team?" It's a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends! Our customized solutions, especially around building a strong team culture of high performers will not disappoint. See below for more info.

-Erin Robison,
Owner/Founder TruPotential Group

Culture Development

Many people complain that personality assessments are a one and done experience that fails to contribute to sustained business performance improvement. This service makes sure you are growing stronger together each day. We provide:

  1. Personality profile tests for all your team members
  2. Daily tips each morning around your own personality as well as each team member
  3. A dedicated coach to provide insights about your team and meet for bi-weekly coaching calls

Get started, and let’s help grow your team’s performance!

Time to Shine: Navigating the Conference and Trade Show Season

I still remember crushing it in the field as a rep, then walking into the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago for our trade show. Looking sharp in my new outfit, with freshly cut and colored hair (yes, I color my hair), and wearing the most stylish heels, I was ready to take on the world. But within minutes, reality struck.

I arrived at the booth, only to find that the company I was working for hadn’t considered comfort. They had skimped on carpet padding. Ten minutes in, my feet were screaming in pain! Then came the reprimands…for having coffee at the booth, for making my peers laugh. Despite my field achievements, I felt out of depth. I hadn’t been prepared or trained on how to operate a booth. The outcome? Awkward questions that pushed potential customers away, desperate attempts to scan badges, and longing glances towards Clark Street where a cold beer and some banter with peers awaited.

Two decades in sales, and as a leader, it was a stark realization that I had never once been trained on how to effectively handle a booth. When I founded TruPotential Group, “Beyond Booth Basics” was the first workshop I created, remembering all the rockstar reps who, like me, had been awkwardly thrust into the lion’s den, heels and all.

Do you ever wonder why most attendees breeze past your booth during conferences? Turns out, it’s not always about the booth’s visual appeal, but the energy and aura around it.

Meet Sonya Dalrymple

Sonya Dalrymple is the Director of Marketing for TruPotential Group. She coordinates our team of graphic and web designers, writers, photographers & videographers in our commitment to deliver quality content for our clients. As an INFJ, she has always been about helping others reach their full potential, and as a 2 on the Enneagram she has learned to walk that tightrope of caring for others and prioritizing her own self-care and growth. You can find Sonya on mountain trails (hiking up in the summer and snowboarding down in the winter) or at her favorite coffee shops and restaurants in Breckenridge with friends!

I’m Tim Bender, a member of TruPotential Group, and I’m honored to be here on behalf of our founder, Erin Robison. Can you believe the holiday season is closing in upon us? It can be a time of joy, cherished traditions, and precious moments spent with loved ones. Yet, it can also become a season of stress, unhealthy habits, and unproductive behavior. In the following segments, we’ll explore how to stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season, ensuring that you can fully embrace the season’s spirit while nurturing your well-being.

I highly recommend Erin Robison’s workshop to anyone looking to enhance their communication skills, whether for personal or professional growth. It’s a long-term investment in yourself, and I can’t thank the company enough for this opportunity. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my personal and professional life.
- LeeAnne L.

Where in the World is George?

For those following the adventures of George and Nugget, here they are at Colorado National Monument with my niece, Mary Claire! The brother- sister relationship is so special. They are so happy just being together ❤️🐾

Hello, from TEDx!

I attended TEDx Breckenridge last weekend and loved learning from all the speakers!! Perhaps one day you can all come watch me on this stage! I'll keep you posted if I audition for next year! ;)

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