Leadership Insights #4: Ask Yourself "Who" Not "How"

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Welcome to the "Who Not How" Newsletter! It's often ingrained in us to ask ourselves how we can accomplish our goals, how we can overcome challenges, and how we can become more efficient. But what if the key to unlocking our true potential lies not in the "how" but in the "who"? The turning point came for me when I had a profound realization. I recognized that I couldn't do it all alone. I made a conscious decision to seek out an exceptional business partner for TruPotential Group and Chief Operating Officer (COO) who possessed the strengths and abilities that I lacked. Meet Don Dalrymple, a serial entrepreneur, strategist, visionary, leader, and now partner and dear friend.

By embracing this new perspective and understanding who I am at my core, I discovered the incredible power of collaboration and leveraging the strengths of others. I was honest about acknowledging what truly energizes me and chose to accept where I need assistance, both in my career and personal life. I learned that success isn't solely dependent on my individual capabilities, but is amplified when I surround myself with the right people. Join me! Let's embark on this transformative journey together! Get ready to shift your perspective and open yourself up to a world of endless potential, by asking the question, "Who" not "How."

-Erin Robison,
Owner/Founder TruPotential Group

Having a "Who" not "How" Mindset

Here is a personal story that taught me a valuable lesson about the power of “who” rather than “how.” It’s a tale of leading an incredible team during a pharmaceutical launch, discovering the true essence of leadership and learning to rely on the support of others.

It all began when I had the privilege of assembling a remarkable group of leaders for a crucial project. I handpicked individuals whom I considered the best in the business, not only for their skills but also for their exceptional character. Together, we embarked on a journey of building the team, preparing for the launch, and learning what it truly means to be a leader.

Amidst this intense period, my Dad, who had been bravely battling cancer, took a turn for the worse. Continue Reading

Here are some key tips to help you embrace the “Who Not How” mindset:

  1. Recognize your strengths and limitations: Take the time to reflect on your own skills and abilities. Identify what energizes you and where your true strengths lie. Equally important is acknowledging areas where you may need assistance or lack expertise. Reach out to take a Personality Assessment to get a qualified report.
  2. Delegate strategically: Understand that delegation is not a sign of weakness but a smart leadership strategy. Identify tasks that can be better handled by someone else and delegate them to individuals who have the necessary skills and passion for those areas.
  3. Build a diverse team: Surround yourself with individuals who bring different strengths, perspectives, and expertise to the table. Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and encouraged.
  4. Cultivate a network of support: Look beyond your immediate team or organization and build a network of trusted advisors, mentors, and experts who can provide guidance, insights, and support when needed.
  5. Embrace the power of collaboration: Foster a culture of collaboration where everyone is encouraged to contribute their unique skills and ideas. Encourage open communication, knowledge sharing, and cross-functional teamwork.

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We can help you work through the practical paradigm shift to "Who not How." Our trained coaches work 1:1 in a confidential environment to accelerate self-awareness, transformation, and change management. We partner for a 3-month engagement designed to improve leadership skills and help you partner, hire, and delegate well.

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Who Not How

This book explores the power of focusing on who can help you achieve your goals rather than getting caught up in the how.

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This podcast features interviews with industry leaders who discuss the power of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and building high-performance teams.

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“Our sales team attended training seminars from Erin and TruPotential Group in preparation for national congresses. The workshops positively influenced how our team ‘showed up,’ significantly impacting customer interactions. The sales team’s confidence increased, and they learned how to execute the company’s objectives. Erin and her team ensured our sales group was more prepared than ever before. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Monica Visscher

Where in the World is George?

Meet George, our Chief Happiness Officer! George got to spend time with his youngest niece Sloane this week. They went on hikes and cuddled a lot. He was sad to see Sloane leave, but is grateful for all the quality time he had with her!

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