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I still remember my first day at what I hoped would be my dream job at a ski resort. The vibrant atmosphere of the lodge, the rustic charm of the interiors, the muted conversations of professionals and guests alike. Everything seemed perfect. But amidst this inviting ambiance, my onboarding lasted a mere 30 minutes. Thirty minutes to be shown around, handed a few papers, and given a pat on the back with a generic, "Welcome aboard!"

In that brief half-hour, I felt more lost than welcomed. The lack of structure, guidance, or even a simple outline of what was expected of me was overwhelming. Instead of feeling empowered and clear-headed, I was plagued with questions and a gnawing uncertainty. How was I to exceed expectations if I didn't even know what those expectations were?

That first day set the tone for the next 18 months. While the exterior signs of a busy ski resort were evident, beneath the surface was a distinct lack of value for people. I tried to be a source of change, advocating for a more comprehensive and nurturing approach. But eventually, it became clear: the resort's values were misaligned with my own.

My story is not unique. Many of us have faced similar challenges. It’s a testament to why the first day, the first impression, the initiation - matters. As we dive into the essence of onboarding in this newsletter, remember that the tone set on day one can resonate for years. Let's explore why onboarding matters so much and how to get it right. And in the process, hopefully it catalyzes a reflection about company culture overall - do you value a genuine, engaging, excellent atmosphere? If it is true for your whole business, it will be easier to be incorporate those elements into your onboarding process as well.

-Erin Robison,
Owner/Founder TruPotential Group

"Welcome aboard!" We often hear this term when someone joins an organization. But what happens next? Does the journey remain as welcoming as the greeting, or does it become an overwhelming maze? Enter the process of onboarding.

Why is Onboarding Important?

The importance of a robust onboarding process cannot be overstated. It serves as the foundation for an employee’s tenure with an organization. When done right, it can:

  1. Boost employee productivity.
  2. Enhance employee engagement and loyalty.
  3. Foster positive relationships between the employee and management.

A Gallup study points out that a mere 12% of employees believed their onboarding experience was outstanding. But, significantly, these employees felt thrice as satisfied in their jobs than others.

Featured Product

When we bring on new hires, it is important for the whole team to learn to work together in a new way. For training or onboarding meetings, why not start with Ice Breakers to warm up the atmosphere and infuse a new energy to the dynamics. This guide, The Power of Ice Breakers offers proven examples of conversation starters and not-so-cheesy games to help employees engage with each other in a fun, genuine way!

Featured Resources

The First 90 Days

This book provides insights into what new hires should do during their initial months. Consider giving it as a gift to your new hires with a handwritten note.

Survey Monkey

Platforms like SurveyMonkey can be used to gather feedback about the onboarding process, helping you refine it further.

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I have referred many clients to Erin over the years. She and her team have consistently delivered exceptional training and development services that are impactful and useful. They are relatable, professional and dependable - and bring decades of real-world experience to their work. Erin is always my #1 choice when any clients ask for training recommendations.

Julie Walker

Where in the World is George?

Meet George, our Chief Happiness Officer! We glamped at Pine Cove on Lake Dillon last week, and here is George trying to get us to take him out on the paddle boards for sunset views and hunting for squirrels on the Colorado Trail!

Hello, from Breckenridge, CO!

We had working meetings with some of our team in Breckenridge this week. Remember, all work and no play? No way! We made sure to squeeze in some fun on the pickle ball courts!

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